Bone Marrow Drives

Making it easy for staff, students and the community to register for the National Bone Marrow registry, which in turn could mean life-saving blood marrow donations

Bone marrow contains blood stem cells, which create both red and white blood cells along with platelets, which together are crucial to oxygenate the body and fight infection. Unfortunately, not everyone has healthy bone marrow; only by transplanting blood stem cells can some patients grow crucial healthy new marrow.

Blood stem cells can be drawn directly from the blood, so the process is not as onerous as it once was. In fact, according to Be The Match, the process is easy and painless. You may experience mild side effects similar to blood donation, like temporary fatigue, but donating blood marrow is safe and will not deplete strength.

Remington College is dedicated to matching its twin missions in health care education and community improvement. Health care is a priority across the board, and we hope to save lives by encouraging increased bone marrow registry among our students, staff and local communities.

The Numbers

  • 15: Remington College campuses involved nationwide
  • 2010: The launch of our new bone marrow donation campaign
  • Next: Join us and let's smash this record!

The Reason
"Becoming a bone marrow donor is easy, quick and very important - bone marrow transplants save lives."
- Dr. Mike Lanouette,
VP and Chief Academic Officer of Remington College

The 4-1-1 on Bone Marrow Drives

  • Who: anyone!
  • What: getting registered for the National Bone Marrow registry is easy- just a cheek swab
  • When: regularly throughout the year - call your local campus for more details
  • How: See our list of participating campuses below to see if there's one near you. Call the provided number for more information or to get directions. No appointment required.

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