Saluting our military graduates, students, instructors and faculty

"We want the men and women serving this country to know that we care about the sacrifices they make to keep this country safe."

– W.B. Bates II,
Remington College-Cleveland Campus Director of Education,
U.S. Marine Veteran

Remington College is proud to recognize the military personnel among us: whether active duty, reservist or veteran, they are heroes in our midst. We are also happy to undertake projects to give back and make every effort to show our appreciation by supporting students, staff and faculty who take the initiative with clever projects that help the military (like Shakira Bentley’s military balm, also below).

Ultimately, it is thanks to military personnel who fight for our freedom that Remington College can open its doors, and we salute all the military members around us. Thank you!

Shakira Bentley

Shakira Bentley is a U.S. Army Veteran and Cleveland East Pharmacy Technician Diploma student. She spent Veterans Day 2010 holed up in her PHAT142 Compounding class, producing dozens of lip balms she helped create. Their recipients? Troops serving in arid desert conditions.

Read more about Shakira, a creative, determined woman who will do great things.

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