America's Blood Centers recognizes Remington College with its
"National Partner of the Year" Award of Excellence

Remington College is delighted to accept America's Blood Centers' (ABC) National Partner of the Year Award. As the award's inaugural recipient, Remington College and the 3 Lives campaign is proud to renew its dedication to raising awareness of the need for blood, especially among minority populations.

In 2010, Remington College partnered with ABC to help the 3 Lives Campaign hold blood drives at or near Remington College campuses throughout the United States. Thanks to this partnership, they obtained over 2,600 pints of blood in 2010, potentially saving nearly 8,000 lives.

This discretionary award recognizes organizations seeking partnership with ABC members locally and nationally. ABC selected the Remington College 3 Lives Campaign thanks to several factors:

  • A Winning Partnership
  • The number of blood drives conducted by Remington College
  • The number of participating ABC blood centers
  • Blood drive success
  • Resources available to ABC members

"Our goal is to collect hundreds of pints of blood that will help hospitals and blood banks in each of the communities where we have campuses."

– Jack Forrest,
Remington College President and CEO

America's Blood Centers is the largest network of independent blood programs in North America. The organization operates over 600 blood donor centers and serves more than 3,500 hospitals and medical facilities throughout North America.

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